Dillon xl 650 308

So when I heard that Dillon had […]. Sometimes these competitors load literally thousands of rounds per month. And that that rate, you start to look for ways to increase speed and efficiency.

One of the ways to […]. KMS Squared has just updated some of their most popular lights! Here […]. One such project is strategic lighting improvements. A while back […]. Recently I blogged about reloading accurate rifle ammunition: 5 Tips for Reloading Accurate Rifle Ammunition In this blog post I outlined some primary considerations and processes: Start with proven loads and load data Fire form your brass Optimize bullet seating depth Optimize bullet concentricity Experiment I wanted to expand on some of these points by […].

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dillon xl 650 308

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Dillon Precision Xl650 308 Winchester 30-06 Caliber Conversion Kit 21094

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. AustinTXMarine Sergeant. I finally broke down and went for a progressive press. Been working off single stage and turret presses for years. What should I be using make and model numbers if possible on a Dillon ? Book is recommending the redding pro-series for the 45 ACP to separate out the crimp die, but don't know if I really need them.

On andthey don't seem to have any marked specific for progressive presses. I would think a Series A set or Type S non-match would work as I am loading for volume, not necessarily to make every round a. Not dedicated to just Redding, they just happen to have some of the things I prefer when reloading lm and for precise measurements off the press. Before I make another investment I want to make sure I don't buy things I don't need or things I will be frustrated with on a the new press.

Before you ask, no, I don't plan on running lm on the I would be out of money in under 20 minutes. Appreciate any advice. Jan 8, 1, 2 42 Scottsdale, AZ. Can't speak to the pistol stuff, but there is not reason you cannot continue to use your Redding rifle dies. The Whidden floating die toolheads are the way to go for the rifle stuff.

Ramius Sergeant Belligerents. You can't run the LM in yourthe press' stroke is too short. I use Redding bullet seaters because of the micrometer and their precision. The Lee factory crimp die is great. I haven't had one setback in an auto rifle since I started using them. I had a few with the Dillon crimp dies. I think most people discount the Lee it because it is so cheap.

I don't crimp bolt gun ammo. For sizing I use the Dillon dies. For pistol ammo I use the Dillon carbide dies.I am having a intermittent problem with cases not feeding on my If sojust trim down the clear drop tube just a small hair, or make sure she is seated all the way down.

dillon xl 650 308

Try cleaning out the bushing. Chances are that there is a build up inside of it from both lube and dust that is decreasing the available space for the cases.

I have the same problem on my brand new xl It's like the casefeed arm bushing and casefeed adapter don't quite line up so every once in a while a case doesn't drop down. I have to take a closer look.

One day I managed to stick it in ass backwards and that led to prublems. The large black case slider also causes the case drop thingy holds the green insert to advance enough to drop the brass. I bet yours is loose or out of position. At least that cured that exact problem for my Just got my new today and having the same problem. Wish there was an adjustment because I'm tired of banging on the case feed tube.

No, I was loading 9mm. Tried repositioning the tube a couple times but with no improvement. I will look at it closer tomorrow and see if there is an adjustment that may work to align the tube over the case feed. Thanks for the tip on beveling the bushing. I have spare parts so I may try that. I have had this problem, and solved it by adjusting the case insert slide cam. Refer to page 37 of the manual, specifically figure This most likely is your issue, make sure you have a prime case in station 2 with the handle forward as if you were priming when you make this adjustment.

I know this is an older post, but I had a similar issue that I solved. The casefeed arm wasn't pivioting back far enough to line up with the casefeed tube at the bottom of the cycle i. I just backed out the casefeed arm stop pin until the casefeed arm aligns with the casefeed tube when the handle is in the forward or prime position.

Did you put on the aftermarket push rod with the little wheel on it? I bought one on eBay and put it on thinking it would make things run even smoother. Never could get it adjusted right and had problems with shells dropping and falling over. Tried adjusting everything I could think of. Finally put the old rod back on an things are back to normal. You can post now and register later.Dillon Precision RLB Reloading Machine dillon precision caliber conversion kit d2 we are still posting reloading equipment and gun parts.

Dillon XL Reloading press 9mm and Dillon XL Reloading press for sale In good pre owned condition. No holes tears or Reloading - Dillon, used but in great shape dillon square deal in. Available for just 5. Grab a bargain before its t Dillon precision rlc 4 stage manually.

Kms squared ufo reloading press light - kit. New old stock, the substance on the tool is not rust or corrosion, it is the original packaging material placed on it by dillon to prevent rust. Up for auction is a dillon electronic scale. Reloading Call Ray at it is uded, but n good condition. Customer services our customer service team works monday to friday from am to pm gmp our cs in china. Dillon Toolhead, used but in great shape dillon square deal in.

Dillon precision digital caliper. Dillon reloading equipment for sale available for 6. Please look at the photos to have the right idea of condition. Dillon powder bar finger adjustment assembly.

This is for a dillon lyman power adapter die. We guaranty the item will be well treated and protected. Dillon xl blackout short trim die. Be sure to check out my other auction for more loading equipment. Dillon reloading press. Bidders are welcomed to bid for this dillon reloading equipment. The offer price is only You can ask f No rust, overall shiny and bright.

dillon xl 650 308

Mcd toolhead stand for dillon precision Dillon xl ammo chute upgrade. And of course they are stackable, and dillon blue in color.I know, I know, there are a lot of other brands out there and they are mostly all of good quality. But you have to pay for it. Once you do, I think you too will be impressed and glad with the purchase. The products will literally last a lifetime and their warranty is second to none. This kit includes all you need to convert your xl press to or except the dies and if you have a case feed, the large rifle plate for it.

Very complete convertion kit. Everything needed nothing else to buy.

Dillon XL650 Loading 30-06 (HD)

Excellent design and construction. I am a newbie using the XL reloader, and I have to say that it is truly a quality made product, as everything else they produce.

Complete and very high quality. These kits include shell plate, locator buttons, powder funnel and case feed adapter parts. Hunting Gun Reloading Dies. Dillon Precision XL Toolhead. Other Hunting Gun Reloading Equipment. Dillon Precision Dillon quality Very complete convertion kit.

Dillon quality amazing I am a newbie using the XL reloader, and I have to say that it is truly a quality made product, as everything else they produce. Lee Classic 4 Hole Turret Press Rifle Parts for.

Shotgun Barrel Parts for Winchester.There are so many stages to reloading, especially with progressive presses, that there is just no easy way to give out meaningful information without practically writing a book.

So if you have the time, sit back and read, because in my opinion, choosing a press is certainly the most important factor in reloading. Focusing on 1 stage at a time is much better to start out on. Having said that, if you are dead set on progressive, or maybe looking to upgrade, read on. The Dillon XL Reloading Press is a 5 stage progressive press, meaning that every time you push the arm down and pull it back up, you are completing up to 5 stages at once….

Dillon, recognized for their signature blue colored presses, and is highly respected in the reloading community. To be sure, they are definitely nice, high quality presses. To be clear, EVERY press has quirks and issues, just as every shooter that reloads has their preferences.

I definitely have mine, and will attempt to identify them in this review so that you are clear on what I identify is a preference vs a caveat. Since my initial purchase, I have added calibers and quick change kits…. Without knowing up front what does what, it was impossible to get the perfect configuration the first time. I emailed and called them and explained what I wanted and they were very helpful in explaining how it all came together.

Suffice it to say, all the options make life easier, and your situation will determine which options you NEED and which options would be nice. Some notes:. Progressive loading is really meant for bulk loading lots of ammo at one time, and in my opinion, the Dillon XL is no exception. Even with all the quick change kits and available to make the caliber switch as easy as possible, it takes about 30 minutes to switch everything up.

In addition to changing these quick change items out, some of them may need adjusting. You can see why it takes a while to change calibers. So take it from me, if you are constantly switching calibers without bulk loading, I dont believe this is the press for you….

Initial installation of the press body is pretty straightforward: Bolt it down to something strong and unyielding. A heavy cabinet and thick benchtop will do. If there was an earthquake, being inside one of these cabinets is the safest place in my house! The following should prove useful for you in knowing how your bench needs to be set up prior to purchase. You will need:. Note: These dimensions assume you are NOT using the Dillon press mount to mount on top of a much shorter bench. Once you have the press set up for the caliber you are reloading for, you need to adjust the dies in the toolhead.

You have to set up each station individually. If you do this 6 times first, then pull the main lever twice, the first case will match up with the first primer…. At this point, the press should be working like clockwork. The only thing you need to do is to put the bullet on top of the case at the 3rd station. During this part, there are some noteworthy things I want to mention about the Dillon XL The system is spring loaded, so while it indexes perfectly, it also snaps in place to get there, spilling powder as it snaps.

Instead, I use my finger to hold the base that was just charged and keep it from jerking around during the snapping process. It takes much longer to fix the problem and hold up the rest of production than it is to save it for later. This will result in a lost station, which means a primer goes unused.

I have one Quick Change Kit that I purchased after my initial purchase at a local retailer that came with a spring assisted return for the charge bar, and I like it much better.

Future brass will begin to hang up when moving through the slide into stage 1. A good polishing or new slide is in order when this happens.Log in or Sign up.

Match ammunition from a Dillon ? Jul 8, 1. I find myself in a position where I have to load some match quality. My question for you all--and all comments are welcome Is it possible for me to load match-quality, accurate and consistent ammunition on my Dillon ?

What say you all? For the record, these cartridges will be fired from a bolt gun, at ranges from to yards. PowdermanJul 8, Jul 8, 2. Jul 8, 3. Jul 8, 4. Go for it! Just try and make sure everything is as identical as humanly possible. Thats a great press. No problem there. Jul 8, 5.

Dillon - XL650

Lefty,I don't exactly understand your differentiation between and yds. I'm sure you meant something I didn't catch. I put the same exact effort out for ammo to plink at yds as ammo to shoot longer ranges. To me there is only one way. Maybe I am wierd but I weigh,trim measure, turn,ream,check everything and tune to the rifle I am shooting.

I would think if it worked at yds,it would be good at yds. Once I have the consentrics right and the deviation in single didgets,there is nothing I can do to make it better. That is the difference in my reloads and factory fodder. I have the equipment,time and knowledge to turn very accurate ammo out. I use all of it no matter what range I am shooting. One question for him and his reloading,I wonder how he can reload for match shooting without tuning the ammo to the rifle.

I believe he will do ok tho. Jul 8, 6. You might want to run a few through and check them first. RL doesn't meter very well in some measures. I remember reading where some guys hated how it metered and others had good luck with it.

dillon xl 650 308

Last edited: Jul 8, Jul 8, 7. Jul 8, 8. Now don't you go shooting up a school MoosemanJul 8, Jul 8, 9. That one about the school scared me too.


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