Turbo vs hemi

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Ram Tough Dilemma: Hemi vs. EcoDiesel

Ram Tough Dilemma: Hemi vs. Edward A. Sanchez —. In the earlier days of fullsize trucks, the decision of which engine option to get was a pretty easy one. There was almost always an entry-level, low-cost six cylinder and one or two optional V-8s.

Today, the options are a lot more varied, including turbocharged gas V-6s, and with the advent of the Ram EcoDiesel, the first light-duty diesel in the segment in more than two decades.

For many of you reading this, your mind is already made up. Some automatically gravitate to the traditional throaty rumble of a naturally aspirated V-8, and others instinctively go for the more economical option. It also has a slightly higher maximum towing capacity at 10, pounds, a 1,pound edge.

It will put the EcoDiesel on the trailer, no contest. The differences in this category are more qualitative than quantitative.

turbo vs hemi

The EcoDiesel seems to be a little better-isolated in the Ram than in the Grand Cherokee, and from a quantitative noise standpoint, the EcoDiesel is probably marginally quieter at most speeds. This one largely comes down to personal taste. This is the one area where the EcoDiesel shows a considerable advantage over the Hemi.

turbo vs hemi

In two-wheel-drive form, the EcoDiesel has a decisive 5 mpg city and 6 mpg highway advantage and a 4 mpg city and 6 mpg advantage on four-wheel-drive models.

The first wild variable is fuel prices. Diesel also tends to see a lot larger seasonal variations in price than gasoline. The EcoDiesel also has an oil capacity of All diesel models currently sold in the U.

You say the Hemi has a higher towing capacity, but you pick the EcoDiesel as the better choice for towing? Bear with us here. However, when you factor in the performance variable between loaded and unloaded, as well as the economy difference, the EcoDiesel starts looking like the better choice. The EcoDiesel feels happy hauling a load, whereas the Hemi is happier hauling ass. So which truck is best for you? Both the Hemi and the EcoDiesel are great engine options but have distinctly different personalities.

The Hemi is the red-blooded, all-American choice, with robust, confident V-8 power and sound and is fully capable of truck duty. The EcoDiesel has an almost foreign sound in the Ram, with steady, confident, but not overwhelming, power and acceleration.

Its reward is outstanding fuel economy in both real-world driving, as well as towing or hauling. Whether you like traditional V-8 power and sound or modern-day diesel efficiency, the Ram offers an excellent engine for either preference.

2020 RAM Truck HEMI V8 Turbo Diesel Engine Review

More Photos View Slideshow. By Edward A.If you are talking about new cars, the hemi is just a name plate put on high performance v8 engines produce by Chrysler. Hemi engines are short for hemispherical. Old Heni's had hemispherical combustion chambers. These came in all sizes from different makes and models. Even small italian cars from the 50's like the Alfa Romeo Gulietta had them. Due to higher emissions standards, true hemi engines are no longer made.

So in short, if you are looking through the options list for a car like the dodge ram, charger, challenger, or Chrysler and see both hemi and v8.

The hemi is just a larger more powerful engine. Just remember its only a name now when comparing different makes. If you want numbers that you can use to compare cars from different makes, look for horsepower and torque ratings for each engine. If you compare it to all other V8s there are many with more power and many with less power. It is however a great design. Hemi is short for hemispherical.

That means the top of the piston intrudes into the head cavity a bit to give the engine higher compression when combusting. So given two engines with the exact same displacement one with flat pistons and one with hemisphere pistons the hemi will produce more power. Will also require higher octane fuel so that means higher operating costs. So that is the trade off. A HEMI means the top of the piston is domed hemispherical it spreads the valves farther apart making the path of intake to exhaust straighter and larger for better hi RPM breathing.

Hemi has nothing to do with the number of cylinders. Performance wise, not looks. Answer Save.Forums New posts Search forums. Garage New items New comments Latest reviews Search showcase. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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RamMan New Member. May 28, 17 4 3. Reactions: SLT and Ramconvert. Ramconvert Active Member. May 25, 52 28 Pewaukee WI. Truck Year The ecodiesel you just drive. Some even get above EPA rating! Reactions: SLT and moparecodiesel. Mar 12, 24 8 3 IL Truck Year I watched a youtube video and it did show the Hemi had a nice speed difference vs the Hemi, but the nice thing we can get past the fuel station where the hemi will have to stop.

Reactions: RamMan. Brady Well-Known Member. Reactions: Ramconvert and moparecodiesel.For this junkyard turbo article, we decided to serve up a little bit of everything, starting with bolt-on boost to an otherwise stock Hemi motor. In our case, that stock motor was a '06 Hemi 5. Sporting the most recognizable performance name in the industry, the modern Hemi 5. Perhaps overshadowed by the bowtie boys, the modern Hemi suffers only from a PR problem, as they offer every bit as much performance as their GM counterparts.

Like the LS, both the 5. The head flow allows the Hemi 5. Think of the modern Hemi as a motor equipped with race heads and a stock camshaft. Owners of small block and some big block Dodge motors would love the flow numbers offered by even stock Hemi heads, let alone ported versions see the flow numbers in "Inside the G3 Cylinder Head," Oct. The kit was designed to bolt directly to the factory SRT8 exhaust manifolds and provide 7 psi of boost to the stock motor.

The boost on this application was limited by the stock internal components of the motor and not the potential of the kit itself. As we will see in the second test, the kit offered exceptional performance on a dedicated application.

Hemi 5.7L Junkyard Turbo

The forged steel Scat crank and 6. The pistons featured a 10cc dome to put the static compression ratio just under The assembled short-block was topped off with a set of ported 5. Shipping our heads to TEA resulted in an increase in airflow from near cfm to cfm-more than sufficient to support our intended power levels. The stock valves were retained, but the heads were further upgraded with a set of valve springs and matching retainers from Comp Cams.

We selected a cam that promised to work well both in normally aspirated and turbocharged trim. The custom Comp hydraulic roller offered 0. The cam on our junkyard turbo was installed with the factory MDS lifters though non-MDS lifters would be a better choice due to reduced weight. Finishing off the stroker Hemi was a Milodon oil pan, pick up and windage tray combined with a new factory oil pump. Prior to the installation of the pump, we installed a double roller timing chain from Comp Cams that included the necessary spacers for oil pump clearance.

On the induction side, we installed an aluminum SRT8 intake manifold and stock throttle body.You can start with one of our standard blocks forgedforgedstroker or get one built just for your application. Short block, long block, or full crate engines let you choose from a variety of setups.

HEMI short blocks. HEMI long blocks. HEMI crate engines. Just getting started? These categories are the "getting started" list for modifying your modern HEMI engine.

Some are appearance oriented and some are for performance. There is something for every HEMI owner here. Catch Cans. Strut Braces. Throttle Bodies. Cold Air Intakes. Hood Pin Kits. Browse our collection of "getting started" add-ons and gift items for any HEMI enthusiast. Arrington T-Shirts and Apparel. Power adders force more power from your HEMI power plant. These HEMI power adders are designed and engineered for your specific application.

Look no further if you want to add Towing Power to your Ramyou commute in your Dodge Charger everyday, or race your Dodge Challenger on the weekends. Bolt on increased horsepower and torque without invasive modifications to your HEMI engine with simple upgrades that increase the horsepower of your engine in as little as fifteen minutes and provide reliable power.

Try out an API signature throttle body and cold air intake combination or upgrade the exhaust system to unleash the HEMI's classic muscle car sound. Bolt On Performance Packs. Air Intake System. Exhaust System. Add performance parts to your mild to wild engine build to get the horsepower you want.Right off the bat, the Hemi has two strikes against it compared with the Ford and Chevy: price and availability.

The Ford 4. The GM 5.


The 5. The market pricing reflects this shortened production run. A little haggling finally netted us a complete 5. Expensive compared with the Ford and Chevy, but still a bargain considering the price of a new crate motor. Though the exact numbers vary slightly depending on the application, figure around hp and as much as lb-ft of torque for the stock 5.

HEMI Turbocharger Kits

Over the years, Dodge upgraded the Hemi with a variety of trick systems including variable cam timing, multiple displacement systems, and active intake manifolds.

Our '06 5.

turbo vs hemi

According to so-called experts on the web, the weak link in the Hemi is the factory cast pistons, but we know from experience that the factory slugs will withstand some serious power given the proper, safe tune-up.

For our turbo add-on, costs were kept in check with the use of the factory Hemi exhaust manifolds. Not only are they plenty stout, but their design helps maximize heat energy to the turbo to improve both boost response and power production. The 6. To speed up the process of installing what we had dubbed the Minute Turbo Kit, we reused many of the eBay-sourced parts from our earlier Ford buildup—including the turbo, intercooler, exhaust merge, clamps, and reducers—but they are accounted for in the bottom-line cost.

Tuning was more critical on the Hemi than the Ford or Chevy. To illustrate the power gains offered by the homemade turbo kit, we first ran the motor in normally aspirated trim. Westech's Ernie Mena nearly nailed the tune on the first run using a file he made for an LS motor of all thingsand we were eventually rewarded with peak numbers of hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft at 4, rpm. Initially, the motor was run with the wastegate spring set for 8 psi. After some tuning Equipped with a Turbo Smart wastegate, the boost varied by less than of a pound!

The Turbo Smart gate may cost a little more than the eBay stuff we used on the Ford, but boost control is not something to skimp on. Using a manual wastegate controller also from Turbo Smartwe cranked up the boost to a maximum of Torque production exceeded lb-ft from 3, rpm to 5, rpm, making for some serious grunt. When all was said and done, the Dodge cost more than the Chevy or Ford, but this shouldn't come as a shock to most Dodge enthusiasts.

More important, in our impromptu, all-American, 76mm shootout, the turbocharged Hemi produced the highest power numbers at the lowest boost level. Power Numbers: Turbo 5. Torque production was lb-ft or more from 3, rpm to 5, rpm. Adding 8 psi of boost upped the power numbers to hp and lb-ft, while In deference to the factory internals, we stopped here, but the low-buck turbo system had plenty more to offer.

Richard Holdener writer. NA 8 psi It ceased the design cue that has been there for many years. In addition to that, the coming truck is predicted to find the most technological update as well as revolutionary design the truck has seen in more than twenty years.

That is as a result of a re-engineered platform which allows the truck to be larger, stronger and lighter than ever before. Altogether, the truck weighs approximately pounds less than the current model. There will be an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment display whilst the conventional, while a new inch will soon be available for higher trims.

Apple CarPlay and also Android Auto compatibility will soon be available, so is really a navigation platform. The mixture of the Uconnect system and large screen display gives off a top try to find the automobile. In terms of seating, for the crew cab models, the more rear-passenger quarters will likely be spacious. Indeed, the legroom increases from The coming Ram Truck will use the current model engines, which can be 3.

Even the Pentastar engine comes with an output of horsepower as the Hemi comes with an output of horsepower. Both these engines will be paired using an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox. Even the torque system provides quicker as well as smoother starts in comparison with the usual systems. In addition to that, the system also adds a succinct torque boost of 90 pound-ft such as the V6 models and pound-ft for the V8 models also. In addition to these engines, we are able to see from Ram Truck pictures that it has an active front splitter and grille shutters.

These changes increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle, that will be targeted to increase its fuel market. The coming Ram Truck sure will possess a brawny appearance. However, think about its own capability? Can it back up its own look? Apparently accordingly. Even the rear-wheel-drive model is capable of carrying up to 2, lbs and towing as much as 12, lbs, whereas the all-wheel-drive is capable of carrying up to 1, lbs and towing as much as 11, lbs. Not just it has updated appearances, it even offers updated engine, and capability.

With all those changes, updates and improvements, we expect the upcoming truck to give a better driving experience.


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